About Us

We are a New, Fresh Alberta, Canadian Born & Bred Company that is putting the Lights & Camera on the Hardworking Life & Lifestyle of the common Roughneck right up to the Oil Company Owner. In a Perspective like no other can explain or Duplicate! We have taken “Age Old Ideas” & combined them with “Cutting Edge Designs and Concepts” that stand out Among the Industry like no other. Filling a huge gap that the Industry has been lacking for Decades.

When you have a “Passion” for “Living Hard & Working Hard”, Giving it your all when there is nothing left to give,… giving when others have nothing to give……but your “Blood, Sweat & Tears” will speak for themselves! In an Industry where if you “Want Respect, You Earn It!” That is what in fact “Inspires Us” at Rig Pig Apparel to make you “Stand Alone”, Above the Rest, so that “You Lead when Others choose to Follow”

This “Innovation” has come through my Own 25yrs of Life Experience’s & Hard Oilfield Labour. Without these life Experiences & stories we wouldn’t have the “Inspiration” for our Creative Designs and our Industry First “RPA LIDZ”, Safety gear, Casual Clothing for Men & Women.

Our Goal is to create a “Identity” that no one can match or mistake while creating “Patch Pride” & Establish Greatness in not only the Oil Industry in Western Canada and across other countries but in other Industry’s across the Globe!