• Beginner Lidz

    Beginner Lidz

    These Beginner Lidz are a great start @ $350.00 for the guy wanting to show his "Patch Pride". Th

  • Semi - Pro Lidz

    Semi - Pro Lidz

    The "Semi - Pro" is really making a statement in your "Commitment in the Patch." A step up from the
  • Professional Lidz

    Professional Lidz

    "Establishing Patch Pride Worldwide" with a Professional "Rpa Lidz". The sky is the Limit on these B
  • Expert Lidz

    Expert Lidz

    Show Everyone your a "Professional" on a "Expert" Level. Comes with a handmade Fleece hardhat bag.
  • Consultant Lidz

    Consultant Lidz

    "Rpa Rockstar Lidz" If you Love your "Bling $ Bling" this is How You Roll! Comes with fleece hardhat
  • "Rig Pig Apparel Lidz"

    "Rig Pig Apparel Lidz"

    These particular examples of the style of artwork and detail gives you a great sample of our base